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As a homeowner, falling behind on your mortgage payments and dealing with the possibility of foreclosure is an extremely stressful situation. If for whatever reason you are currently behind on your mortgage payments – or foresee that you will soon be unable to continue making your payments – be proactive; you do have options. Quite understandably, many distressed homeowners simply give up and give in to the foreclosure process, often without being fully aware of the options available to them.

At Best Beach Title – Short Sale Services, we understand that navigating through the foreclosure process can be a daunting prospect, especially in light of the other stresses you are dealing with. Our goal is to connect with you as early in the process as possible in order to educate you about the options available to you. By conducting a thorough analysis of your particular situation we can assist you in identifying and implementing the best possible solution to dispose of your property.

A Short Sale is an agreement with a lender to accept less than the amount owed by a borrower via a sale of the property to a third party. With this agreement, the lender releases the borrower from the mortgage, thereby preventing foreclosure

The key factor in selling a house in short sale is to price the property at the current market value. Your property needs to be priced competitive with other for-sale and foreclosure homes in the area. Asking too much will leave you sitting on a house with no bids, wondering what happened. Asking for too little will raise the ire of your lender/bank.

Once a realistic offer is made, Best Beach Title – Short Sale Services will submit the short sale package to the lender/lenders for them to approve the deal. This is a crucial step that requires high precision- even one piece of paper out of place in short sale package can result in a no-deal and big waste of time. Lenders have limited time to work through these packages; that is why if there’s something wrong, they’re likely to just put you back at the bottom of the pile.

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