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Best Beach Short Sale will help you buy short sales in Naples as well as foreclosures deals.

Please search our database or contact one of our agent to find short sales in Naples, FL.

We also have short sales listings in Miami, Miami Beach, South Miami, Orlando and Tampa. We can help you with short sales approvals, buying and selling short sales in Naples.

Please refer to our pages regarding short sales: We have documentation on short sales, what is a short sale, how does a short sale work, how to buy a short sale, how to sell short sale.

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How to buy a short sale?

Hire an Agent with Short Sale Experience
It's one strike against you if the listing agent has never handled a short sale, but it's even worse if your own agent has no experience in that arena. You need an experienced short sale agent.
An agent with experience in short sales will help to expedite your transaction and protect your interests. You don't want to miss any important detail due to inexperience or find out your transaction is not going to close on time because no one has followed up in a timely manner. more

Things to do in Naples, Florida:

Naples hooked its first visitors with the lure of fishing and hunting. Today the playing field has expanded to a near Olympic-size range of sports and fitness activities. Miles of beaches provide a scenic setting for walking, jogging and running. City parks furnish workout gyms, lap pools, sports fields and courts, an in-line hockey rink, and other recreation.

Fishing - Fishing excursions, charters and tours explore the fertile waters of Rookery Bay and Ten Thousand Islands for snook, redfish, sheepshead, tarpon and other local prizes. Or take you into fresh water for bass, crappie and blue gill. Or off to deep waters for grouper, dolphinfish and snapper. Fishing excursions are available at marinas in and around Naples, and can be arranged through hotels.

On the Water - One of Naples' greatest pleasures consists of a day on the water. It could be by kayak. It could be by luxury liner. It could take you into the world of manatees and alligators, or on a tour of Naples' seaside mansions. However you picture aqua-adventure, Naples has all the right angles and shades of blue. You'll find charter services, tours and rentals at local marinas, resorts and parks.

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Golf - No place else has counted more golf holes per capita than Naples, land of exotic, palm-fanned links. Two resorts have their own golf courses and others provide guest access to nearby private clubs. Several semi-private and public courses welcome golf travelers. A highly acclaimed local golf school teaches the basics and finer points of the game. Several professional golfers have homes in and around Naples, and the region hosts a senior PGA event.

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Racquet sports - Racquetball and tennis courts are located in city parks through Naples and vicinity, as well as at local schools, resorts and private clubs. Naples is home to the Nuveen Masters Tennis Tournament in March.
Hiking - Many of our nature attractions provide boardwalks into the wilderness to keep visitors high, dry and informed. You can take a hike at any of these places: The Naples Nature Center, Briggs Nature Center, Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve, Collier-Seminole State Park and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.
Horseback riding - Mount an unparalleled adventure into wilderness sightseeing through Broken Gate Ranch (239-992-2555), which offers horseback riding at Pepper Ranch & Preserve, a 4,000-acre refuge in Immokalee.
Bicycling - The Everglades offers scenic beauty that may escape visitors at first glance. It requires close inspection and rewards those who take the time to observe and explore its natural treasure. Traveling by bicycle allows the freedom to explore this subtropical paradise of cypress swamps, freshwater marshes, wet and dry prairies, and rare tropical hardwood hammocks. Few places in the world can rival the variety and diversity of the more than 440 species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Tours are available throughout the year - contact Everglades Area Tours

Naples Municipal Beach - Around the pier stretches a lovely, white-sand beach perfect for strolling and sunning. Facilities include rest rooms, shower, concessions and metered parking.


Hailed for its tree-lined downtown shopping plazas, sidewalk cafes and lively clubs, Old Naples also holds many of the city's historic and architectural treasures, plus wide, sugar-sand beaches. A recent renaissance has brought boutique hotels and eye-pleasing streetscaping to Fifth Avenue South, at the center of Old Naples.
We're showcasing all that Naples Florida has to offer right here including accommodations, restaurants and upcoming events. Make this web site your springboard for jumping into the Cities and Lifestyles that make up our paradise!